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  • Adhesion Adhesives

    Adhezion - Bond, Adhere, Seal, and Stick. Adhezion is your solution for adhesives, coatings, tapes, and any engineered compound you need to bond, adhere, seal or stick. The adhezion team has been developing and supplying innovative adhesive solutions for more than a decade, and its cross-platform experience spanning many industries, coupled with its expertise in solving complex challenges, makes it a leading choice for manufacturers and their supply chain partners.

    Adhezion leverages its technical expertise and supply agreements with global product leaders and chemical and compound specialists to bring technology-driven solutions for every major system of a vehicle - interior, exterior, structural, acoustic, electronics, thermal management, body and powertrain.

    Visit our exclusive website for more information.
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    Adhesive types  
    Hot Melt Polyurethane Polyamides
    Epoxy Acrylics Polyolefins
    Polyesters Synthetic Pressure Sensitive
    Tape Silicone


    • Corrosion protection
    • Ability to fit into tight spaces
    • Dual Functionality
    • Reduced manufacturing & assembly costs
    • Bond Strength
    • Invisible bonding
    • Elimination of vibration failure
    • Ability to fill gaps
    • Join dissimilar substrates & surfaces
    • Even distribution of the bond stress

  • 3M - Today, product designers and manufacturing engineers are relying on adhesives more than ever for greater design flexibility, more efficient production and improved performance. Design a stronger, lighter, better looking, longer lasting and less costly product.

    At 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes, we design, manufacture, and market a broad range of specialty adhesives, double-coated bonding and adhesive transfer tapes, single-coated specialty tapes, and reclosable fasteners. These products are sold into many industries and market centers such as aerospace, architecture and contruction, converters, electronics, and transportation.

    3M Urethane Adhesives and Sealants
    Fast setting, flexible, strong products that can be used as adhesives or sealants depending on your application. Choose from 12 formulations depending on the speed, flexibility, work life and strength to meet your application needs.

  • H.B. Fuller Adhesives

    H.B. Fuller - Headquartered in Aurora, Ill., H.B. Fuller is one of the worlds premier manufacturers of adhesives, coatings, sealants, and specialty chemicals, with operations spanning North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. With thousands of skilled employees working across 31 countries, H.B. Fuller operates in more than 100 markets around the world.

    Their adhesives and sealants are used in design and manufacturing applications across a wide range of industries, including the electronics, transportation, electric vehicle, medical and general industrial sectors, among many others.

    As a trusted hot melt equipment, parts and adhesives supplier, Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. (A&E), headquartered in Comstock Park, Mich., is proud to be a leading distributor of H.B. Fuller products in the United States. We ensure that all of our customers no matter their company size or specific application needs can benefit from H.B Fuller's unique line of products.

    H.B. Fuller Products and Services

    A&E carries a wide range of H.B. Fuller products, including gums and adhesives for envelopes, business forms, and packaging products, as well as converted paper and paperboard products. We also sell their hot melts and primers, which are often used in graphic arts applications; this line of products includes various specialty items designed for bookbinding, backbone priming, book assembly, and hardcover lamination jobs.

    Our team offers full support for all H.B. Fuller structural adhesives, which are often used in woodworking and wood applications, as well as paper, plastic, and metal assembly jobs, such as edge banding, wrapping, doweling, gluing, contact bonding, and finger jointing. Their full line of adhesives, sealants, and tapes are available as well; these products are ideal for use in a huge range of industries and applications.

    Common uses for H.B. Fuller adhesives and sealing products include:

    • Packaging and converting
    • Graphic arts
    • Woodworking
    • Assembly
    • RV and manufactured housing

    A&E's Partnerships

    H.B. Fuller adhesives and sealants can be easily paired with A&Es top-of-the-line dispensing equipment and adhesive integration solutions, and customers purchasing H.B. Fuller adhesives can benefit from our teams deep expertise in the field.

    A&E is also proud to maintain partnerships with several other leading adhesive manufacturers, including Adhezion Adhesives, 3M Adhesives, Bostik, and Henkel.

    Aside from hot melt systems, we also carry a huge selection of adhesive and equipment parts, piston pumps, applicators, hoses, pattern controllers, nozzles, nozzle cleaning kits, filters, hot melt cleaners, thermostats, heaters, fittings, and O-rings. We proudly carry equipment and parts from top brands including Nordson, Graco®, Meltex®, Robatech, Valco Melton®, and Slautterback®.

    Our team offers complete system rebuild services, as well as plant installs and repairs, pump rebuilds, applicator rebuilds, module replacement, Teflon recoating, and expert technical support for all kinds of adhesive dispensing and hot melt equipment.

    Learn More

    Looking for a reliable custom adhesive dispensing and integration solution? Adhesive & Equipment is here to help.

    Request a quote today to get started, or reach out to the team to learn more about H.B. Fuller adhesives and our other product offerings and partnerships. Were on hand to answer any questions you may have, and will work closely with you to find an ideal adhesive solution for your specific needs.

  • Itw Plexus Adhesives

    Plexus - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. utilizes Plexus, specializing in plastic and composite bonding. With superior flexibility, elongation, and UV resistance, Plexus Adhesives have the strength and elasticity to withstand these severe stresses.

    Experts in Composites Bonding

    Nothing simplifies assembly and speeds production like PLEXUS Adhesives!

    Plexus Adhesives bond an exceptionally wide range of plastics and composites without primers or surface preparation. By eliminating time-consuming grinding operations, they dramatically reduce process costs, minimize dust, and lessen process variability.

    Plexus Adhesives also bond virtually all polyester resins and gelcoats, as well as most thermoplastics and metals. In addition to improving the performance of your boats, they reduce the cost of boat production by cutting assembly labor costs and times up to 60 percent.

    Contact A&E for more information about advanced Plexus Methacrylate Structural Adhesives.

  • LocknPop Adhesives

    Lock n' Pop - Adhesive & Equipment utilizes this water-based, environmentally friendly palletizing adhesive that works by itself or with stretch wrap to put an end to shipping damage. The world market leader in environmental unitizing, Lock n’ Pop has helped unitize more than 200 million pallets. For boxes or bags, even chilled or frozen packages, Lock n’ Pop has a solution to fit every shipping need.

    Product Overview:

    Think You're Holding It Together?

    If you use stretch wrap or hot melt to secure your palletized boxes, it's time you learned about Lock n' Pop. Stronger than stretch wrap alone, and safer than hot melt, it's better for your packages, the environment and your bottom line.

    Lock n' Pop is a water-based, environmentally-friendly adhesive that:

    • Locks each container to another, holding your pallets together from the inside out
    • Prevents side-to-side shifting common in intermodal shipping -- because of its amazing shear strength
    • Easily "pops" apart by lifting -- because of low tensile strength
    • Is applied safely, without heat
    • Uses compact, inexpensive, nearly maintenance-free equipment
    • Does not tear your packages or damage your graphics
    • Leaves no visible or sticky residue
    • Eliminates stretch wrap waste and dunnage
    • Is non-toxic and recyclable
    • Costs just pennies per pallet
    • Comes in a variety of formulas to work on all packaging types: boxes, bags, frozen and chilled packaging.

    Studies and customer experience show...
    Lock n' Pop works by itself or with stretch wrap to:

    • Put an end to shipping damage
    • Reduce labor costs
    • Improve profits
    • Prevent accidents
    • Protect the environment

  • Sika Adhesives

    Sika - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. utilizes Sika bonding products throughout the manufacturing process in which rivets, welds, bolts and screws are being replaced with elastic bonding systems.

    Bonding products that replace conventional methods

    SIKA Transportation Products:
    Manufacturers of trailers, trucks, buses, RV’s, utility bodies, agricultural equipment, van conversions and specialty vehicles use quality sealants and adhesives from Sika. Throughout the manufacturing process, rivets, welds, bolts and screws are being replaced with our elastic bonding systems.

    Sika adhesive systems for bus applications are already being specified for the next generation of road and rail vehicles, having proven themselves worldwide both on the production line and in the repair shop. Studies and tests carried out on vehicles with elastic-bonded body panels have shown that side windows and side panels in particular act as stiffening planes to increase torsional stiffness, adding enormously to the structural rigidity of the vehicle and consequently improving the ride comfort for driver and passengers alike. Sika offers a complete range of adhesives and sealants specifically formulated to meet the needs of bus manufacturers.

    Sika's elastic bonding technology reduces corrosion, vibration and noise transmission and allows for thermal expansion of different materials. By eliminating conventional mechanical fasteners, Sika's elastic bonding technology offers a cost effective, cleaner-looking end product. While streamlining the manufacturing process, Sika adhesives improve structural integrity while sealing and bonding at the same time.

    Rail/Specialty Vehicles
    Elastic bonding is capable of absorbing thermal or mechanical movement between the most varied materials, but can also, if properly utilized, add considerable stiffness. Sika adhesives used in rail transportation help prevent corrosion in metals, absorb loads and compensate thermal stresses, which is not possible with rigid joints.

    Custom and Specialty vehicle manufacturers are especially well suited to Sika elastic bonding systems. The same benefits used in other transportation markets apply to all specialty vehicles such as RVs, utility trailers, delivery vans, emergency vehicles, horse trailers, etc.

  • Bostik Adhesives

    Bostik - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. can provide you with products from Bostik Findley, Inc in the areas of adhesive, sealant, and lubricant technology for construction/distribution, industrial application, and use with nonwovens.

    Bostik Findley, Inc. is comprised of three unique divisions: Construction & Distribution, Industrial Adhesives, and Nonwovens.

    Construction & Distribution Divison
    The C&D Division serves the following marketplaces: Flooring, Construction, Industrial, MRO and Insulated Glass. Bostik Findley adhesive, sealant and lubricant technology is available through local ceramic tile, floor covering, hardwood, construction, industrial and specialty distributors. Our products are packaged in a large variety of sizes to offer convenience to the contractor or large manufacturing operation.
    We are America's most experienced manufacturer of flooring installation products for tile, stone, hardwood, carpet and vinyl. Our expertise, customer service and technical support ensure prompt delivery of the right products for the job. Product categories within this area include: ceramic tile grouts, mortars and mastics, hardwood adhesives and finishes as well as underlayments, patches and adhesives for floor covering.
    We have engineered products for specific construction applications. Our Bostik® Chem-Calk® line offers unique, construction and architectural grade formulas that offer strength, durability and long-lasting performance.
    Our industrial line offers a vast number of products to serve the general industrial, marine and transportation markets. Product categories within this area include: hot melt sticks and guns; elastic adhesives, sealants and sealant guns; epoxies and cyanoacrylates, solvent and water-based liquids, aerosol adhesives and specialty products.
    Our full line of highly versatile maintenance (MRO) products is superior in protecting and prolonging the life of parts and equipment. Bostik Findley offers a variety of products including Never-Seez® , the recognized leader in anti-seize and lubricating compounds.
    Bostik Findley sealants for manufacturing insulating glass are recognized for their superior performance as a primary or secondary sealant material. We have a full line of sealant technologies designed for suitability within the full range of application methods used by the industry.

    High Performance Polymers Division
    The High Performance Polymers Division of Bostik Findley Inc. located in Middleton, MA is a pioneer in the development and production of innovative and cost effective adhesive systems for the automotive, textile, aircraft, industrial lamination, footwear and product assembly markets.
    With global headquarters in Leicester England, the High Performance Polymer Division supplies specialty copolyamide and copolyester resins and hot melts, formulated solvent-based adhesives, and unique powder, film and web adhesives on a worldwide basis.
    Our research and development efforts are driven by the needs of the marketplace. We place great emphasis on proving adhesive technologies through pilot programs that duplicate real world production situations. And we are constantly looking for ways to make products that not only improve our customer's processes but also achieve a better environment for all of us.
    The High Performance Polymers Division serves many fast-paced industries with a very diverse product line. Our worldwide commitment to excellence and continuous improvement ensures that each and every customer consistently benefits from new and innovative products, both now and in the future.

    Industrial Adhesives Division
    The Industrial Adhesives Division serves the needs of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or end-user. This division services the following markets: Automotive, Flexible Laminating Adhesives & Coatings, General Assembly, Textile, Rigid Packaging, Foam Latex and Tapes & Labels. A large variety of adhesives are produced within this division including hot melt, film, liquid, web and powder as well as co-polyester and polyamide resins.

    Nonwovens Division
    Bostik Findley is the largest worldwide supplier of adhesives for nonwoven disposable products. In fact, we pioneered this technology in the 1960's and today are honored to serve the most well-known and widely respected manufacturers around the world. Our adhesives are used extensively in the global manufacture of infant diapers, adult incontinence and feminine sanitary protection products.

  • Wisdom Adhesives

    Wisdom - Hot melt adhesives are high-quality general purpose adhesives that provide optimum adhesive performance at reduced costs. Specially engineered to ensure great mileage, improved runnability and multi-purpose adhesion to paper and paperboard surfaces, the EVA line of adhesives provide an effective and economical solution for case, carton and tray sealing packaging and paper converting applications.

    EVA-based Chemistry for Case, Tray and Carton Sealing Applications
    With a unique component blend, EVA-based hot melts provide an environmentally-friendly adhesive that features optimum running viscosity at operating temperatures. Reducing application weights and realizing savings on equipment maintenance results in reduced overall usage, making EVA-based hot-melts cost-effective.

    EVA-based Hot Melts Provide:

    • increased mileage with reduced application weights and less waste produced
    • top quality thermal and pot stability
    • wide service temperature range
    • excellent adhezion to a wide variety of surfaces
    • reduced overall usage and costs 35% compared to competitive products
    • easy dispensing into hot melt equipment
    • low maintenance costs
    • gels and charring elimination
    • reduced downtime
    • low odor and amber-color for visible, safe and user-friendly usage


    • General Purpose Standard Temperature
    • Low Temperature
    • Long Open Time
    • Specialty Grade

    High-Polymer Olefin-based Hot Melt Technology Provides:

    • incomparable performance versus existing olefin and EVA hot melts
    • outstanding value
    • exceptional packaging cost savings- typical reductions are 30% less than existing olefin and 40% than EVA technologies.
    • lower density and higher mileage - uses less adhesive to create strong bonds.
    • uncompromising hot tack that quickly bonds to a wide range of substrates including coated and difficult-to-seal card stock, corrugated fiberboard and paperboard.
    • wide range of service temperatures and resistant to high heats, which means there is no need for multiple temperature-specific adhesive products.
    • excellent pot stability, fast setting, and fragrance and oil resistant
    • off-white(SWB535) and light amber (SWB482) chips choices.

  • Henkel logo

    Henkelfifa13修改教程 绝对原创 威锋 千万果粉大本营 fifa13修改教程 绝对原创 威锋 千万果粉大本营 ,小米正式发布电视大师65英寸旗舰电视 12999元 威锋 千 小米正式发布电视大师65英寸旗舰电视 12999元 威锋 千 ,有没有在看格莱美直播的 来聊聊吧 威锋 千万果粉大本营 有没有在看格莱美直播的 来聊聊吧 威锋 千万果粉大本营

    Henkel - A leading solution for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings worldwide. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tailor made solutions for our customers and our high-quality consumer products. Our global team of experts partnered with customers to deliver best-in-class service. Our powerful innovations and leading technologies under top-brands such a Loctite create sustainable value for industrial customers, consumers, and professional users.

    Our industrial product portfolio is organized into five Technology Cluster Brands - Loctite, Bonderite, Technomelt, Teroson and Aquence. For consumer and professional markets, we focus on the four global brand platforms Pritt, Loctite, Ceresit and Pattex.

    • In the Packaging and Consumer Goods Adhesives business, we work with major international customers to develop innovative solutions for the production of grocery packaging and consumer goods.
    • In the Transport and Metal business, we provide the automotive, aircraft and metal processing industries with superior system solutions and specialized technical services.
    • In the General Industry business, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for the manufacture and maintenance of durable goods.
    • fifa13修改教程 绝对原创 威锋 千万果粉大本营 fifa13修改教程 绝对原创 威锋 千万果粉大本营 ,小米正式发布电视大师65英寸旗舰电视 12999元 威锋 千 小米正式发布电视大师65英寸旗舰电视 12999元 威锋 千 ,有没有在看格莱美直播的 来聊聊吧 威锋 千万果粉大本营 有没有在看格莱美直播的 来聊聊吧 威锋 千万果粉大本营
    • Our Electronics business offers customers from the electronics industry worldwide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative high-technology adhesives for the manufacture of microchips and electronic assemblies.
    • In the Adhesives for Consumers, Craftsmen and Building business, we market a wide range of brand name products for private users and craftsmen.

  • IFS Adhesives

    Hot Melt

    IFS has a full line of hot melt adhesives that bond the most difficult substrates. Our Dura Pro™products range from 1,000 to 25,000 cps in viscosity at temperatures ranging from 120°C (250°F) to 175°C (350°F). Open times range from 2 - 60 seconds with immediate fiber tear, have heat resistance up to 200°F and come in colored, clear or opaque finishes.

    Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Hot Melts
    Dura Pro™ EVA based adhesives that can be formulated for a wide variety of applications. The type and amount of wax and resin used with the EVA copolymer control set time and residual tack of the adhesive. EVA adhesives are used in case and carton seal, bookbinding, furniture assembly, general packaging, door assembly/millwork, appliance assembly, multi-wall and specialty bags construction.

    Pressure Sensitive (Block Copolymer) Hot Melt Adhesives
    Dura Pro™ PSA hot melt adhesives (also known as styrene copolymer adhesives and rubber based adhesives) have excellent flexibility at low temperatures and high heat resistance. Although these products are primarily used for pressure sensitive applications where substrates are bonded after the adhesive cools they can be used in applications where bonding occurs while the adhesive is still hot. PSA adhesives are used in bookbinding, diapers, furniture manufacturing, case and carton seal, general packaging, doors/millwork, and appliance assembly.

    Proprietary Polymer Hot Melts
    Dura Pro™ proprietary polymer based hot melts use a new polymer that provides adhesives with superior bonding performance at a wider service-temperature range. They are light color and clear and odorless when melted. Dura Pro™ proprietary polymer hot melts have excellent thermal stability and machining characteristics required for high-speed lines. These adhesives are low density which reduces costs since prices are determined on a per pound basis. Dura Pro™ proprietary polymer hot melts reduce maintenance costs and downtime because they are essentially char-free. They also exhibit good resistance to acid, grease, and other oily compounds. They are commonly used in bookbinding, case and carton seal, general packaging, multi-wall and specialty bags.

    Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins (APAO) Hot Melts
    Dura Pro™ APAOs are used when an application requires good heat, acid or fuel resistance at an affordable price. APAOs are non-crystalline adhesives are that remain soft, tacky, and flexible giving longer open times and good adhezion. APAOs are used in appliances, diapers, furniture manufacturing, case and carton seal, general packaging, doors/millwork, and adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products.